You're Invited!  Come With Me on My Journey

This site is about my quest to begin an online career.

I want to build a successful and ongoing internet business to create the lifestyle I desire...even though they say I am way past my use by date!


This then is my fun site where I will share what I had to learn to be able to work out if it really was possible to have that million dollar day!

After discovering it was, I had to learn how to choose which of countless systems to use, then set about doing it.
The question then is;
Can a technically impaired gran from the era of
T-Model Ford cars and candlesticks, master enough
skills to earn any money online, let alone
have a million dollar day?

Am I dreaming, delusional or is it really possible?

Friends wanted to me to share my journey
as I learn how to earn my first online income
and more
as I head towards my goal...

So, here is my journey, warts and all!
Here I am as I begin my Quest...Will I make it...Can I do it?

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So, Why Did it Seem That Hard To Get Started?

The answers are not quite what you think they might be!

The biggest mistake I made and most newbies will make when beginning online is being totally unprepared by not treating this opportunity as a genuine business!

A great majority off beginners really don't know anything much about business in general, marketing, advertising, customer service, follow up etc, let alone maneuvering their way through the mind numbing puzzle of the online world; the new frontier, the new wild west!

What they see and hear about the online world first off colors their perception and clouds their judgment so much, that most will and do fail within the first few years then give up, saying it doesn't work.

(97% of people online this very minute are just breaking even and well over 80% aren't making any money at all!)
It's because they didn't know what to expect, what to do, what was available or how to tap into the pipeline of money that is flowing past them, to those who do know!

This is the single biggest mistake most newcomers make.
They do not prepare for their online journey. They don't treat it seriously, but treat it like a lottery, a pot luck or lucky dip, a bit of fun.

The point is that a lot of money can be and is made daily, so "prepare well, to do well"!

This site is dedicated then, to the newbie, the first timer online who wants to find out how to get started safely, inexpensively and quickly, to know where they're going, what they have to do to get there and how long it could take them.

Then after that, the aim is to be up and running in an orderly manner  earning an income that's sustainable! The best thing is to have this all mapped out in step by step fashion so you know exactly what to do each day, where you're going and how long it will take to reach the next milestones on your journey.

                                   If this is you...
                               WELCOME HOME!

My name is Mary, but everyone calls me Poppie!

I used that name in a forum online a while back, knowing nothing about sign in names.  I thought my forum name was like a code to enter...not for the world to see!

I tried to change it by asking how to do so in the forum  one day, but everyone agreed I looked more like a "Poppie" than a "Mary" so Poppie stuck; everyone calls me by that name nowI
I've grown used to it and rather like it, so please call me Poppie...

               Latest News!

I just got published on EZine Articles!
You can click on this pen image under here and go have a look at  my articles on Ezine... Direct route! This one is by Mary and is my first attempt!
Had another 25 published a few days later under Poppie Dee here.

Here is the fancy Graphic below that EZine Articles gave me to advertise the fact that I'm one of their Expert Authors. Just click it and it will take you to my first choice article I wrote for them!

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On a Slippery Slope?
Feel like time is running out & you just can't get it?

Is a future in Internet marketing for you?

How do you know if it is or not?

Read on & find out...

Dr John Demartini, Author, Presenter and Doctor of everything, with me in Feb 2010
The Father of Internet Marketing...The awesome and very cuddly Armand Morin
Best Selling Author, Dale Beaumont with me in August 2010


My family and friends think I'm bonkers at my age, doing this "stupid internet stuff", but I figure if I have that desire in my heart, it's my responsibility to go for it!  So here it comes.
The site will not be laid out with a bunch of cluttered info everywhere in columns you forget to look at! It is a radical departure from most site designs out there, but then...the site IS different! 

It contains just what you need to know, no flashing lights or banners to hook you in. Just good value info...some of it FREE!

I want to give a few little bits of info first, so you will understand where I'm coming from and try to explain to you why I believe my Quest is reasonable!  At least you might understand!
No one told me or showed me there was a real easy way to get online, knowing exactly where I was going, what to expect and so on.  Except for here, I haven't found one site yet, where a new person can go to get an idea of what lays ahead for them in this exciting online Biz.

There's no description or info about the different types of programs out there, let alone the marketing models available to newbies on the sites they all seem to end up on... and from then on they become more confused as they move further and further away from where they should begin...that is "At The Beginning"!

So I created this site a while back thinking I could keep everyone updated with what I was learning! OMG...How naive was I? ...After reading it all back recently, I figured you don't need a blow by blow description of all the ongoing months of confusion and pain!  
You probably already suffer enough of that yourself...

You see, once you get get it!
The confusion goes and your path is clear ahead. So I took down pages and pages of wandering in the wilderness descriptions and set about to tidy this up a tad for you.
I then created the program I wanted to keep me on track and pointed in the right direction. Something that would have saved me heaps of stress, time and money. I wanted something just for beginners and wanderers to help get clarity about their online direction, then from there on, hopefully, they can move forwards with the least amount of stress, confusion and frustration by knowing there is finally a real Beginners Internet Marketing School  available to help steer them all the way through to their first online dollar and beyond... in an orderly manner!

This is the stuff I had to end up learning and doing; stuff I should have done first off instead of floundering my way around from "this shiny new thing to the next shiny new thing" and back again in a cyber cycle daze for what seemed like forever!

To prevent that ever happening to you, I thought I'd condense those things I found out the long hard and expensive way and make that the foundation of the whole program. It's stuff that you really do have to get under your belt before you begin, then as we go along you'll learn the new stuff I discovered that really works for me, that you could model too!

Here in BIMS, you will learn how to get set up and have all your necessary systems ready to go before you spend a fortune chasing an unrealistic pipe dream. If you follow this system, you will have your own  business plan mapped out, you will know your Why, your strategies, your marketing plan, your long term goals and have a fair idea of just what sort of effort you will have to put in to achieve what it is you are desiring, way before you begin!

Now, let's get down to business, roll up our sleeves and dig in!

             Inside the BIMS site you will find a few extra things to help you along too!

No one has been game enough to say it as it is before this! I may be shot down in flames for exposing behind the scenes stuff to you first up, but it's time people recognized that the internet has come of age and needs to be offered to newcomers in a manner they can judge for themselves, before they spend 2-5 yrs wandering all over the net, wondering what it's all about!

Not to mention the fortunes spent trying to gain clarity about creating online income.

It is a massive opportunity for the ordinary person to have a fair go at making either a small fortune, just some extra cash to supplement their income or go full out for their dreams and bare all, without the feeling of being continually ripped off!  You can only do that if you have foundational facts and I'm presenting as many as I know to you, warts and all...are you Ready?

So all areas will be covered in there, from those who want to do it all themselves for very low cost and take their time, to those who want to speed up the process and don't mind spending around $100 or so a month right through to those who want and can afford to pay the very high price to get it all in a in a week or so! 

I'll be upfront with you also here too, so you know exactly what is ahead now.  This site has been around for a while  now and surprisingly, gets quite a few hits a day even though I don't promote it!
It started out as my Quest site...and will remain so...but a funny thing happened along the way; with people asking for a more structured lesson type learning platform as they have picked up on my concern for the real newbie IM person.

I have spent a lot of time looking around but found nothing that would do the job from a real beginners point of view, so BIMS was created to fill the void that I couldn't find when I was starting out!
BIMS is based on 6 Skill Sectors and is a long term step by step program with 10 weekly lessons set out for the true beginner to complete, all in an orderly fashion, after they get the BIG picture of the whole online thing!
It takes the novice who can send emails and upload pictures from where they are now, right through the 6 Skill Sectors over a LONG period of time.
The first Skill Sector takes about 4-5 months and goes from complete online novice to earning the first dollar online...and so on...Go check it out now and see if it is for you.

BIMS stands for...Beginners Internet Marketing School.

The most important page is the next one.
This is a must read and will help set you up with the very best understanding for your online journey. It is the best info that you will find anywhere online.

Just go and see if it is a fit for you.
You can always come back here if not and sign up for the Golden Nuggets Express Report above and leave it at that. You'll still learn heaps!.


You are probably wondering why I'm using this type of site rather than a wizz-bang all whistles and bells type website?

Well, I am no expert website builder and neither are most people who want to begin online.

So, I decided to not frighten you off by using a professional looking site built by people I work with, so instead I thought I'd show you how easy this one was to create... I actually did  this one myself! 

Something easy for you to put together as you start off.

Later on, you can ramp it up!

  • This one will set you free!
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Cheap as chips to even FREE!
  • What more could you want?

The quick orientation is now completed, so let your journey to online success begin!

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